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3 weeks ago

​The competitive world of eSports

That so many of us give and receive -- and PLAY -- video games this time of year is hardly news. It was a sellout.

"I'd go there and they'd have these huge ballrooms, all these young people all excited about these young players that were becoming celebrities," said Paul Sams.

At Chicago's Ignite Gaming Lounge, crowds lined up before midnight, not to play video games, but to watch the League of Legends world championship being played half-a-world away, in South Korea. "I can't understand people watching somebody play a computer game."

1 month ago

NY AG opens inquiry into allegations of fantasy sports insider betting

The mid-level content manager later won $350,000 at rival site FanDuel that same week, the Times reported.

"It's really the same type of person who, on the game side, likes chess," Robins said.

Robins cites an exemption in a 2006 federal law for fantasy sports that he believes allow his site and others including FanDuel to offer contests that normally spanned an entire season down to a single day.


1 month ago

​Bobbi Kristina Brown's condition worsens as she's moved to hospice care

Investigators found a dozen prescription-drug bottles in the hotel suite and listed heart disease and cocaine use as contributing factors in Houston's death.. He, along with Pat Houston, were appointed co-guardians of Brown last month. All Rights Reserved. She is in God's hands now," the statement read on behalf of the Houston family.

Last Updated Jun 25, 2015 6:57 AM EDT

In a statement Wednesday, her aunt Pat Houston said Whitney Houston's daughter's condition has worsened.

1 month ago

NBA Stats - Grow to be a Winning Sports Better

Extra other folks lose their bets and find they infrequently pick out the proper sports activities team. There are so many various factors which need to be considered because things will amendment ahead of and throughout a season, players come and cross and so will management. It is vitally sensible to also stay checking on the group's roster as a result of if there are any contributors - key participants lacking, it would have a tremendous impact on all bets.

What NBA stats do, is constitute emotional and mental values that must be considered; like if groups were to play one every other and the underdogs lost, they usually met once more a few months down the line, the underdogs co